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Vestibular & Balance Rehabilitation

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular & Balance Rehabilitation at Milestone Physical Therapy & Training | Indianapolis

The vestibular system is found in the inner ear and communicates very closely with the visual system and higher parts of the cortical brain to help one maintain a sense of awareness in regards to space and position. There are several conditions that can affect the vestibular system. Our vestibular therapists specialize in treatment strategies including habituation, adaptation, and substitution activities to help individuals achieve more functional states of equilibrium.

We believe in a comprehensive approach to treating vestibular conditions and have found through treating hundreds of individuals successfully that the head needs to move well and postural control needs to be optimized in addition to specific vestibular treatment strategies. Our manual therapists specialize in techniques to improve cervical and thoracic mobility to allow for the vestibular system to be optimally stimulated to help it recover and grow stronger in its response to movements that previously made the individual feel sick or off kilter.

Balance Training

We also specialize in balance training. Balance is made up of three components including your vision, your vestibular system, and your somatosensory system (ability to feel where your body position is in space). We believe repetition strengthens and confirms and through our comprehensive approach to balance training, we can help you achieve more confidence and assist in reducing your risk for falls and potential injury.

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