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Athletic Development

Athletic Development at Milestone Physical Therapy & Training | Indianapolis

At Milestone Physical Therapy and Training we are different. Our staff has collegiate experience with competing on a high level and understand well the needs for proper training and athletic development in order to improve performance and reduce your risk of injury.

We leverage our knowledge of human anatomy, functional sport biomechanics, and our experience with nursing injured athletes back to health to our advantage. We believe deeply that we first have to restore function in order to maximize your optimal functional capacity. The future of athletic development rests in programming that combines sound scientific approaches with smart programming, hard work, and commitment.

Initial Assessment   $96

Semi-Private Athletic Development   $45/session

Youth Athletic Development Classes  $32/session (contact our office for scheduled times)

Want to learn more? Check out Milestone Physical Therapy PT/Trainer, Brad Howell DPT, OCS on his SportSquire Podcast as he explains the 10 Principles that need to be addressed in any Athletic Development Program.

Intro to Athletic Development Principles

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